Hope Collection

This collection is dedicated to the griefs you are struggling through. 

If you have lost someone, whether by death or distance please let me help you feel closer to home. This would be perfect to pass onto your children, who in return can pass on to theirs. This is also something you yourself can hold onto. 

I will make a bow or Lilee Jo (pending material) out of any article of cloth you may have. This can be a towel, apparel, baby clothes, blankets. If you have a question regarding if your item will work, please email me! and we will exhaust all our options to make it work together.

The $8.50 plus $3.50 shipping charge  includes shipping your product to me, me making the product, and shipping it back to you. Each additional bow is $3. Please verify your email when you checkout because that is the email I will use to send your your prepaid label.

If item weighs more than 6 ounces additional shipping fees will apply.  If your item is more than 6 ounces please email me at for further instructions. 

Additional items can only be added to main Hope purchase only.

This item CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY. No other items from our website can be combined with this order. I feel these items are meant to have their own packaging, as special as they are.