Christmas Release VIP

Lilee's Bowtique

Regular price $8.00
Christmas Drop ONE
Lindsay A $30.00 small ash crew, thankful grateful blessed
Danielle N $48.00 Red Mommy cursive, Green Daddy Print, Green Hayden 
Debbie H $20.00 Haizlee - Amelia Santa Reindeer Elf Clip 
Taylor A $9.00 2 reindeer sparkle clips 
Taylor A $20.00 Christmas Cake Name Clips (Haizlee - Amelia or H&A)
Taylor A $20.00 Green sparkle with red writing, Haizlee & Amelia
Taylor A $20.00 Reindeer Name Clip Haizlee & Amelia 
Taylor A $20.00 Christmas Lights Clip x2 Haizlee-Amelia
Taylor A $48.00 2 Santa Hats, 2 gingerbread men, 2 snowflakes (Haizlee - Amelia or H&A)
Taylor A $10.00 Christmas Lights Keychain "Momma"
Taylor A $8.00 Cake Taylor plate 20oz
Taylor A $80.00 White Mommy, Green Daddy, Red Haizlee, White Amelia, Red Granny J PRINTED
Sierra B $10.00 Aliah Santa Reindeer Elf Clip
Sierra B $64 Green Mommy, Green Aliah, Red Daddy, Red BLANK SCRIPT
Kyley Lees $20.00 Green sparkle with red writing, Mariah & red sparkle with green writing
Kyley Lees $16.00 MAMA 40oz x2 Cake plate
Kyley Lees $48.00 Green Mommy, Red Daddy, White Noah PRINTED
Jessica Elam $64.00 Red Jermy, Red Mommy, Red Quinny, Red Daddy PRINTED
Emily T $8.00 Cake Em plate
Laycee W $26.00 Santa Hat / scrunchie / headband 
Sydney Spalding $10.00 Charli Reindeer name clip
Sydney Spalding $10.00 Charli red sparkle with green writing

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