Spring Release 4-5 week TA VIP

Lilee's Bowtique

Regular price $16.00
Amanda S $8 pink gingham faith
Amanda S $8 rainbow gingham everlee
Amanda S $8 blue faith
Anna K $8 peep scrunchie with bows 
Anna K $8 floral headband
Anna K $8 light tye dye scrunchie
Anna K $16 cherry blossom headband, scrunchie
Ashlin P $20 hot pink dots 
Beth R $30 shaker faiths (white, purple, pink)
Cara T $4 mama keychain
Cara T $16 2 little bows white floral 
Cara T $16 little bow and scrunchie second floral
Chelsea W $8 yellow gingham headband
Chelsea W $8 blue gingham faith
Chelsea W $16 white floral faith and headband
Chelsea W $8 daisy everlee
Chelsea W $8 cherry blossom hb
Kayla S $8 pink gingham headband
Kayla S $8 purple gingham headband
Kayla S $8 bunny/rainbow faith
Kayla S $16 white floral faith and headband
Kayla S $8 second design floral faith
Kayla S $8 Thump Faith
Kayla S $8 tie dye surprise
Kayla S $8 peeps and flowers faith
Mel Foster $24 plaid headband with bow attachment, plaid everlee, sisters headband 
Nadia H $8 pink gingham scrunchie
Nadia H $8 tye dye scrunchie
Tabitha G $20 shaker faiths (purple, pink)
Tabitha G $16 peter rabit headband and scrunchie
Tabitha G $16 tye dye hb and scrunchie
Tabitha G $24 cherry blossom headband, scrunchie, and faith
Tabitha G $24 dark pink/red everlee
Tabitha G $40 green, orange, blue, purple, lightest pink everlee stripe
Tabitha G $8 yellow stripe everlee
Taylor A $24 peep scrunchie + 2 faiths
Taylor A $24 4th row scrunchie + 2 faiths eggs

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